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The Lunecy Legacy 1.0

Posted on 2013.03.04 at 13:19
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Giving the legacy thing another shot... this time, with less ambition/drive to post regularly. Intended to be observational, more than anything else. All the same, I hope it appeals - and that I continue it. I'm damned if I don't get beyond generation three this time!

For a while last year, I had a brief fling with a legacy family called the Lunettes. A one-night stand of a challenge, my interest in it petered out when summer/work/college stole my attention. Eventually I ended up nuking that neighbourhood and all my old downloads, and starting anew.

Still, Gen. 2 of the Lunettes managed to grow up, and some of them managed to be very pretty indeed... namely, Pandeia here. The first-born and a surrogate mother to her five younger siblings, she was not destined to be heir in that incarnation...

...But now, extracted from my old neighbourhood, made-over and with no recollection of her former existence, Pandeia is all set to establish a legacy of her own. Ain't that right, Pandy?

Pandeia: No bugs? :(

Pandeia Lunecy (founder)

cancer 5/4/9/6/6
become celebrity chef
+ fitness, athletic
- witchery

~goddess of the full moon in Greek mythology.

To say Pandeia lives in close quarters would be something of an understatement.

At least it looks pretty.

Welcome wagon is pitiful, consisting entirely of playables and with Remington coincidentally sporting the same crop as Pandeia. I refuse the usual forced meet and greet in disgust.

They just invite themselves in anyway, as Pandy seeks employment.

A trip Downtown was clearly in order.

After indulging the fugs with a poker game...

...and trying but failing miserably to catch the mulleted DJ's attention, our moon girl hits the juice.

Her bartender was a cutie and a one-bolter, but he and Pandeia's mutual black hair was putting me off. Bit of diversity - be grand, like. However, while glancing over Pandeia's shoulder, a certain blonde individual caught my eye...

Hmmm. Blinks like a boss. Got a unique set of... dentistry. There's some nice recessive genetics going on there too. Pandeia gets directed to investigate Countessa Tansy further.

Things progress quickly, as they are prone to in the Sims.
They have two bolts. Spouse ahoy!

The Countess pulls a Cinderella after dawn, leaving not so much a shoe but smoke behind in her haste.
I'm really not kind to myself. x___x

Aw, jesus. I literally just installed Pets again, after a long (welcome) separation from it.
This was not appreciated, so soon after the fragile reunion.

Me being me, I totally misread what I needed to do, so - one...


...Three pups were adopted from the pound. Their names were Ordee, Yolanda and Suzanne - not that I plan to actually refer to them at all for the week they're on the lot. I reckon I'll just commit myself to an asylum now, you know, save the hassle of actually GOING INSANE.

Between the wee whelps and the friggin' WOLVES that Pandeia was getting too cozy with, I thought a date with some human company was in order.

...depends on your definition of 'human', I suppose.

Anyway, after some initial rejection (and a frozen expression)...
Pandeia: What'd you mean, you don't want me rubbing your face?!

First Kiss is nabbed, make out is initiated, and things take a turn for the Dream-Date-esque.

Pandeia: So, er, would you like to come back to my cottage for a bit of... tea?
You can tell from the look on Tansy's face tea isn't all she's anticipating tonight.

As soon as they got home, Pandeia proposed soon-to-be living in sin. The funds were a shock - I generally don't let my sims get entangled with the vampiric, but this I couldn't resist. I realise now this was kind-of cheating, as regards the mini challenge, but :3 Six dogs is enough to be a challenge.

The 'tea' must have been forgotten somewhere between the pavement and the bed. x)

For the rest of the night, Tansy was relegated to household chores. I managed to forget myself though about that one vicious side effect of having fangs and bat-shifting powers. Hastily bought outdoor coffin it is.

Anyway, this was whereabouts I discovered my slip as regards the challenge. Meet Ernest, Saskia and Pedro. Prepare not to get to know them. They're GONE as soon as this week is over.

The legacy lot has become a dog sanctuary.

Countessa Tansy ...something or other. I couldn't pronounce it, whatever it was.

pisces 7/4/3/4/5
pleasure/grilled cheese
become professional party guest
+ glasses, face paint
- fitness

~first generation spouse.

Well, no point hanging around - Pandeia isn't getting any younger (although Tansy isn't getting any older). The latter gets to do the honours, in the most colourful but least pictured room in the house. You can see why I don't normally take pictures here. X___X These were the only angles that were any way usable!

Pandeia gets a place in her LTW career. :)

Ordee and Yolanda grow up. Few care.

A small intimate pyjama-clad wedding takes place in the kitchen - because neither of the girls have enough friends for a proper bash. :') Loving vows are exchanged...

...while Ernest, the only witness to their union, destroys the furniture.

Bed liaisons occur.

The next morning...
Pandeia: Was that jingle only in my head or was it just you trying to creep me out?
You'll soon see!

It was actually Tansy who popped, leading to a series of events which caused our vamp to jump out of her coffin every five minutes, nearly frying herself each time. x_______X
I miscalculated somewhat - I was hoping, for the above reason, that Pandeia would carry the first nooboo. But alas! Her time will come eventually. >:)

In fact, the next night I made sure her time would follow very swiftly indeed.

Yes Jan Tellerman, that is a bathtub. Out in the front garden.
Deal with it.

The other puppy Pandy adopted grew up unremarkably.

Bump the second!

Finally came the phone call I was anticipating all week...

Time for rehoming!

I'm a dog liker in RL, but the game ones just grind my gears. Especially having this many of them! Not pictured is the constant cleaning-and-filling of bowls, scolding, praising, bathing and autonomous games of fetch that were happening in this legacy.

Still, I decided to hang onto two canines - Yolanda and Ernest - for being the least annoying of the critturs and because they're rather cute. A dog legacy on the side would be an interesting challenge. :) So long as it doesn't get up to having six dogs on the lot again, all will be swell.

Of course, douchebag pound officer decides to greet the slumbering, pregnant woman inside the coffin, instead of the fully awake and unencumbered one just inside the house. *facepalm* At this stage, Tansy's needs are plummeting.

Buh-bye! And good riddance.

A much more handleable challenge. I'll take hefty undeleteable objects over whining puppies any time.

The Glamour Life fountain was the first addition to our heirloom hoard - $1,000.

It was around now that the lot started glitching - build mode wouldn't let me add to or delete the house's foundation. Relocation was in order! Of course, just after moving them in and before I had the chance to select the girls and see what they were getting up to...

...Tansy sinks her teeth into Pandeia.



More hastily bought coffins it is!

As attractive as Pandeia was as a vampire, I wasn't having ANY of it. My matchmaker's being a bit temperamental at the moment (she's currently not interactable due to some hack I have), but thankfully I downloaded the panaceas just previous to playing this legacy.

As detransformation goes on in the living room, more drama begins in the bed coffinroom. It still wasn't night, so I really though this was Tansy dying. Not so (thankfully).

Yay! ^.^ Generation Two is arriving!

It's a baby boy, named Odysseus after the mythological hero, with Pandeia's eyes, dark hair and a blend of his mommies' skintones.

I'm going to cut it off here, with a picture of a fangless Pandy with her son. Join us next time, for more legacy fodder, biting and further births!


azkibear at 2013-03-06 11:28 (UTC) (Link)
Vampires bring in a lot of money? Never knew :o
but then again - never had a sim marry a vampire before... haha. And Odysseus is so cute :)
laulilynn at 2013-03-13 10:55 (UTC) (Link)
I normally don't go next-door-near vamps. Not my favourite supernatural creature. Give me a witch or a Plantsim any day! But, Tansy was cute. :) You'll see the full wrath of Odysseus' cuteness next chapter. xD
Gretchen Fetchem
holy_lumps at 2013-03-10 04:42 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I can't wait for the next installment. Both Pandeia and Tansy are good-looking, so I'm sure Odysseus will be quite a looker.
I also didn't know that vamps brought in a lot of money.
Anyway, I love your legacies. They're always so witty.

Edited at 2013-03-10 04:43 am (UTC)
laulilynn at 2013-03-13 10:58 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you. :) Now if I could only finish one, I'd be flying it! The money was great but, of course, it went as quickly as it came. Typical first-generation financing. Odysseus definitely turns out cute, though with some ~surprise genetics. Let's just say Tansy wasn't completely honest about what she was bringing to the genetic table. :3
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