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Hoenn, Pikachu


Posted on 2012.05.17 at 00:12
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Made it to 1.2! ...and there ought to be a 1.3 too, since I've played ahead. 

1st Generation: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

This update begins with a Lunette family congregation on the front lawn. Why, you may ask...?

Answer: House re-construction. The legacy can now boast a home built on a strong foundation, with stone cladding and BAMBOO growing outside. Bamboo. They're really moving up in the world.

...or at least, they would be, if I hadn't blown most of their funds on walls, paint and bushes. As it is, the family have taken a step backwards, as regards indoor decoration/furniture. Ah well. Ten days ago, Selene was living on the front lawn; she can suck up bare walls and floors, so long as she doesn't have to eat/sleep/urinate outdoors any more.
Are the family pleased with their new construction?

"Are they even aware of it" might be a wiser question.
'Ah my first-born, luminous daughter - more radiant than the waxed moon! How cute you are!'

Eventually, they venture indoors - and perhaps it was just as well that Selene chose to lavish attention on Pandeia instead of the house, given it's time for her to depart toddlerhood. I'm not too concerned about how she'll turn out - but all the same... *crosses fingers*

'Laura! I have HANDS!'
Congrats for realising! Pandeia doesn't lose her charms, although glitchy brow is glitchy. This isn't a Prettacy I'm penning, but it's nice not seeing any major genetic deformities this early.

With their eldest child well on her way to self-sufficiency, Sel and Toby don't waste time working on Baby No. 3.

...Why would they, when they take such great care of the baby they have?

Perhaps it's just as well Selene decided to hire a nanny, to take care of Pandy and little Ersa while she and Toby earn a crust.

Then again, with a sim nanny, anything remotely entertaining = more important than preventing the social worker from visiting.

Whatever about her lack of parenting skills, I'm consistently amazed at Selene's ability to earn promotions. She usually comes home with one each time she goes to work... which hasn't been that much, given the amount of times she's been off pregnant.

Speaking of...

It's the unloved infant's (i.e. Ersa) turn at age transitioning. Toby assists. The cake is generic. The setting and turnout is grim. Meanwhile, Pandeia steals attention by standing through a counter.

The results aren't... horrifying. Admittedly, Selene and Toby's genes didn't mesh as well this time around. Pandeia wins in the cuteness stakes, although I think Ersa has nicer stats. I'll get around to posting those when they're each a little older.

No time wasted when it comes to toddler training.
'POTTY... POOP. Yes?'

It seems as if that, after more or less ignoring her children as infants, Selene tries to compensate by lavishing love on them as toddlers.
'Oh my darling Ersa!'
I can see right through you, honey. *narrows eyes*

I'm thinking things aren't looking good for this nooboo...

That's classy parenting riiiight thurr. Yup.

It's not often that bus drivers are met with a creepy grin that rivals their own, but Pandeia gave this one a run for her money.

I'd pay money to listen in on this story session.
'BEARS... house... chairs... porridge... beds... baby woman -- RAWR, nom nom nom. END.'
'GAHAHAHAHA, daddy fwunny.'

This pregnancy wore Selene out - literally. Karma perhaps, for her previous child negligence?

Either way, the labour came along without too many crises - and in what appears to becoming a habit, Toby is otherwise occupied feeding his younger daughter, while feeling homicidal towards the elder.

He manages to feign some concern however, as Selene delivers his third daughter - who inherited not just his dark hair but also his grey eyes: little Nemea.

Nemea was a naiad (fresh-water) nymph of the springs near the ancient town of Argolis, which was in Southern Greece. She was called the daughter of Asopus (a river god) but she was also noted as a potential daughter of moon goddess Selene and Zeus. In Greek myth, significant bodies of water (i.e. rivers, seas) often were associated with gods - gods who were personifications of these geographical features. Naiads however were lesser female divinities who merely inhabited various bodies of fresh water on Earth. They were immortal, however, and were invited to attend the assemblies of the greater gods on Mount Olympus.

Source of information: Theoi.

Sexual Tension Seth--who made a brief cameo in 1.1-- seems determined to get involved with this legacy. I missed whatever happened between him and his once best friend, now lover Selene but, I got there in time to hear the sound of two sims falling in love. Laura = not pleased. I knew ACR would cause something to go down between them! -Or maybe Selene was just pissed at Toby for being so lousy at pregnancy support and wanted to get back at him. Either way, this was the newest set of icons in her memory panel.

Seth even has the gumption to look pleased with himself, after his homewrecking activities.

Serves him right. Jammy git. -_-

Selene got a bit of a makeover around this time, that was more in-keeping with her new siren status.

Feeling guilty? (as you should! - Team Toby all the way here)
'Guilty? Whatever for? As a goddess, I am free to consort with whichever man I choose, mortal or immortal! No, it's just difficult getting a full night's rest when you have both a young infant and teething toddler to care for...'

Well, you can worry about one less of those from now on, Sel. Little Ersa isn't so little any more, aging up suddenly before I could arrange a cake. While she's still rocking quirky-cute facial features, I'm thinking the beehive has to go.

She scrubs up nicely, does our Ersa - and I will always revere her as one of the few sims that can carry off this hair mesh. She wears those twin buns with style... Minnie Mouse comparisons aside.

Nice homely dinner, with her oblivious husband and child (Pandeia is presumably off being neglected somewhere) - all of which you jeopardized, Selene, with your sordid affair with Sexual Tension Seth. Guilt gnawing at your conscience yet?
'Not at all! It has no place to be doing so, when I am surrounded by such luscious offerings! These pork chops are splendidly delicious, I do declare...'

The bathroom gets a floral makeover, since the family had built up a comfortable quota of funds. In retrospect, I'm thinking the wallpaper was overkill...

Guilty NOW?
'Perhaps partially. He is a good man, despite his mortal status. I believe he is worthy of my love - and future fidelity.'

Between the stress of trying to skill for a promotion and raising three young children, Selene has been looking a little ragged of late.

She and Toby were constantly complaining about their sucky living conditions - so I caved and bought them dirt cheap walls and floors. Not much of an improvement visually, but it shut them up!

Homework help from Toby. Oh boy.
'Plus... Minus... CALCULATOR, hurr hurr hurr!'
'Dad... it's an English assignment.'

Despite her father's fairly sub-par aid, Pandeia manages to excel not just at school, but also at skill-building. Taking after your mother I see!
'Hardly! Or at least, I hope not. I don't wanna end up talking like a human thesaurus!'

Pandy's anxiety may also in part owe to the increasing perversity of the bus drivers.
'CHILDREN, nyahahahaha...'

'Mom, Dad, you know some kids at my school have been saying some mean stuff about the lady who drives the bus. Only, I didn't understand all of it, so I was wondering if-'
'Pandy darling, your father and I have something very serious and important to discuss, so right now you should go to your room and do some homework. We'll have a chat about the bus lady later.'
'But, Mom-'
'Toby WANT woman. Pandy OUT!'
'Dad, what-'

Sadly, the Lunette parents don't show the same level of consideration for their baby's innocence as they do for Pandeia's. *headdesk*


As if to make sure the child grows up with issues, they decide to make out half-naked inches from the snoozing newborn. My head remains planted firmly on my desk.

With those ghastly images newly engraved on her fragile young mind, Nemea ages into a toddler without me realising. Still, whatever her mental condition, there's no denying that the youngest Lunette girl is-

THE CUTEST DAMN KID IN THE HOUSE. Sorry Pandeia (and Ersa - although you was never in the running anyway), but Nemea just owns you in the loveability stakes. Yeah, maybe it's just a player picking favourites, but, asjfhvbehjf CUTENESS ♥

Sadly, this adorableness doesn't warrant Nemea any special treatment from her parents - or much treatment at all.

*sings sea ditty* It's a sailor's life for Selene these days...

'But, it's only a game of Red Hands?'

However, Ersa seems to prefer cleaning soiled toilets to social interaction with her sister.

Dejected, Pandy turns to academics for solace.

You don't look too pleased with yourself - for once. Maybe the joy of promotions wear off once you've already gotten seven or eight?
'Not at all - it's simply that my working hours are horrendous!'

While Selene tries to raise her spirits by chatting up the cute postman, Pandeia wallows in the background searching for even the slightest attention off her mother, me, whoever... and not finding a whole lot, to be honest.

Ersa is cannier than her elder sister; and instead seeks comfort from something more reliable than other people - inanimate objects.
'Snuggles is NOT an object! He's my best friend - my only friend!'
These kids are going to grow into uncomplicated adults... 0_o

As if her current kids aren't neglected enough, Selene shows that she had another one on the way. At this rate, there's a chance that Toby might just see his daunting LTW (Marry Off Six Children) completed.

Still, Nemea managed to get some tutelage from her mother, now that the latter's been put on maternity leave. It's nice for her to get some attention, before the next nooboo comes along and hogs everyone's affections.

But, Nimmy'll always have my affection ♥

The girl's bedroom is the latest room in the house to get updated, giving the older kids more opportunities for fun.

...Not that Pandeia got much time to enjoy it, with puberty and teenage life ready to smack her in the face.

She grows up without much fanfare (see an oblivious Selene in the previous picture) and rolls the pleasure aspiration.

Pandy's full stats. She's not the most interesting of sims personality wise - but none of the Lunettes are. They're too damn nice! Next generation, I'm marrying in a mean sim, which will hopefully shake things up for Generation 3.

After a long-held desire to get her kids into the local private school - which exists in the neighbourhood, despite that there are only three families living in Selenedale - our founder sends out an invite and welcomes the headmaster into her home. The conversation at dinner is... stilted.
'So, as an observant, distinguished man like yourself will have noticed, my husband and I are still adding to our family. I'm sure that, should you grant our elder daughters entrance to your institution, in a few years time we'll have a couple of other children to send to you! ...You must love kids.'
'They give me headaches. So do their parents, usually.'

Still - amazingly, given their standard of living - the girls get in. Thank god for sparkly food.

Sadly, Nimmy doesn't get the benefit of a private school place... something she's not too bothered by, when she's yet to learn how to use a potty.

Pandeia takes on the role of surrogate mother, for the most part, to her younger sisters.
'Am I ever going to, like, go out and meet people his own age - or is my life now going to be diapers and bottles?'
Erm... PASS.

Toby meanwhile is just one step up from being a deadbeat dad. He sees more of his easel than he does of his kids.

Sisterly bonding... at least between the the younger Lunette girls. Pandeia = the family loner, although she's half raising her siblings.

'I'm so alooooooooone... and practically a servant. Shouldn't I be getting paid?'
Get a job! Out of the house + money = WIN... for you at least. The other kids will probably starve without you.

No joke; Pandeia manages to be a pretty accomplished young lady, with As in school, a varied range of skill points and advanced experience in childcare. However the one thing she's looking for seems to be the one thing she can't get.
'So that's long division, in a nutshell. Dad had a slightly more... concise way of teaching it, but you get it - right?'
'But, if you have any problems, any at all, you know you can come to me.'
'I'm going to watch t.v. now.'
*cries inside*

Meanwhile, Selene unwinds in a lengthy bubble bath. Hard-working mother and all...
'Well you know, too much stress puts years on a goddess! And I am with child, you know.'

Their bathroom appears to have been made public, as random townies of all ages make use of the bathing facilities.

As if that wasn't enough of a privacy invasion, they show up even when the bathroom is already in use.

Dunno if I'm comfortable with this particular guy getting his hands all over Nimmy. Firstly - see the above picture. Secondly - she's as cute as a button, yes, but she's twenty years too young for you bro... Admittedly, it's a game. But I read into stuff like this. ツ

Once again - labour strikes!

Nemea emphasises pretty well with her mother.

Still, it's not long until a wild changeling appears...

Oo-er... For once it's not my sims that have explaining to do, but me. Looks like that zombie skintone was geneticised, with a value somewhere in-between Sel's and Toby's... I like the changeling theory, mind. 

In Greek mythology, Endymion is described as a human shepherd or prince/king - sometimes both. However, he is mostly remembered as the man who was granted eternal youth by Zeus. He managed to get a goddess to fall in love with him - this was Selene, the moon-goddess - and as a result she asked the father of the gods to offer him a selection of gifts. Endymion opted to never grow old or die - the catch was, he would also be put in an eternal slumber. It is said that Selene so loved how the man looked when he was asleep that she wished for him to never awake. Bit selfish of her I think, personally. Either way, she wasn't put off by his lack of consciousness and so Selene used visit Endymion every night. She had a lot of children by him somehow (the Greeks weren't big on logical explanation) - including the Menae, which were the goddess of the lunar months, and (possibly) Narkissos (Narcissus); the man who shunned the nymph Echo and fell in love with his own reflection. Yes, it's a bit weird - calling Selene's son Endymion, when in myth the two were lovers. But (a) - I'm not trying to copy the family tree of the Greek Gods. Far too hard. This is just for fun. And (b) - as you'll probably see in later bios, the Ancient Greeks weren't opposed to incest in the slightest... 

Sources of information: Theoi, Wikipedia.

And so, our chapter draws to an end with the birth of a zombie and the suggestion of depressing prospects ahead. Um, I mean, I've played the next chapter. But not foreshadowing or anything like that... o_O Yeah. Rather than end with little Endymion though...

...Our finale gets given to stolen by Nemea, who decided to age up just after her little brother's arrival.

♥ And that's it folks! Exits are to your left and don't forget to drop by the souvenir shop on your way out. See you next time!


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laulilynn at 2012-05-21 19:54 (UTC) (Link)
I completely agree - she is. :] Blatant favouritism going on here. Zombie baby is, well, an unusual addition, but I think he gets a little eclipsed by his elder sisters/younger siblings in the next chapter. ;) Middle child syndrome of the highest degree.
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