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Hoenn, Pikachu

Adoption Drive [reposting sims from WordPress]

Posted on 2012.05.09 at 18:00
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You want some simblies? They've had all their shots, they're mostly baggage-free and they're probably breedable ...probably.

With the advent of St. Patrick's Day, I wanted to make a few themed Sims as a kind of celebration of my country's national holiday. ;) It turns out I had one Sim already made who was perfect for the intention I had in mind - and crafting the other two in Bodyshop was no trouble at all. Today--now that Paddy's Day has come and gone--I'm happy to share these Sims of mine in all their patriotic glory.
I'm quite happy with how the trio turned out, as it is. I think they'll make perfect Townies and/or legacy spouses, so that is to be their purpose in my game. As for you, who might be thinking of downloading them, you are free to do whatever you like with them. I'm not too fussed about what you see fit to use them for, but I would appreciate you not re-uploading them anywhere else. I'd also love to see photographic evidence of whatever shenanigans they get up to in your game, but that's not at all necessary.
All custom content is included in the .rar files, which are stored on Box. The below pictures are all unedited, in-game shots. I can't take credit for any of the custom content supplied, but I've included--both in the packages and here online--printscreens of the CC each Sim uses. Same goes for the (quite low res) Bodyshop previews of each Sim. Finally, if you like them all enough to put them in your game, for convenience I've also uploaded a bulk file containing all three Sims. Catch the link at the bottom of the page.

Now on to the dollies themselves!


>> Verdant Fitzgerald <<

>> Despite the fact that green has a supposedly calming influence on people, Verdant often finds himself locking horns with those around him over the most trivial of things. On the other hand, his flirtatious nature and outgoing personality has people of both genders flocking to him. While he certainly enjoys the company of others and is slow to turn down any invitation to socialise, Verdant fancies himself as a bit of a deep thinker and often wanders off to some remote place to 'sort his thoughts'. Charming and gregarious, yet sullen and argumentative, he can be a mystery to those who've seen both sides of his personality. In all fairness, Verdant is a mystery to himself. He often feels the need to verbalize his feelings and thoughts, just to get a better handle on how to deal with them - hence the numerous volumes of journals stashed under his bed. While he's slow to share things he deems private with others, Verdant definitely has room in his life for a significant other; even though they might not be the only person fulfilling this role for him <<

CC List :: Bodyshop Preview :: Download Verdant


>> Umber Saunderson <<

>> The idea that a red-headed girl has a fiery nature might have been formulated with Umber in mind. As quick to anger as she is to delight, people often treat her as a time bomb which is liable to explode at any moment - be it with fury, joy, despair or any other end-of-the-scale emotion. Despite her numerous emotional outbursts though, Umber is quick to rally after them and doesn't usually nurse a grudge for long. In keeping with the bright colours she wears, she likes to surround herself with a posse of colourful friends who can keep her entertained for as long as possible - which is usually a few hours at most, given her short attention span. She has a slightly malicious sense of humour, which does tend to alienate people from her. However, Umber often succeeds in winning them over in the end with her warmth of character and generosity, as well as her capacity for having fun. She's not really sure what she'd like to achieve in life, although she has the drive to prosper at something that enthrals her enough. Worries about her purpose in life however are unlikely to bother Umber much. She's quite happy at the moment to just go where life takes her, while enjoying herself as much as possible on the way <<

CC List :: Bodyshop Preview :: Download Umber


>> Alabaster La Paz <<

>> Alabaster likes to compare himself to a white blank page: full of possibilities and future delights. An eternal optimist, he refuses to consider the negative connotations of this comparison. While he has friends in bucketloads, he often find himself palmed off from one group to another, almost as if he is an annoying child who, while tolerated, agitates his carers to the ends of their respective tethers. His child-like view of the world and near-gullible trust in strangers endears him to people, but his constant obliviousness and insatiable curiosity often lead those who know him to keep him at arm's length as regards friendship. For this reason, even while surrounded by people he knows, Alabaster often feels very alone. He longs for a friend who stays with him not out of some sense of duty, but because they enjoy his company. Mostly though, Alabaster just wants his existence to continue as it is - unsullied by adult responsibilities and worries <<

CC List :: Bodyshop Preview :: Download Alabaster


:: Download Verdant, Alabaster and Umber ::

This is pretty much summed up by the above image. Four pixel dollies, clad in summery garb, wanting your love. All the following images are unedited snapshots from the game. CAS bodyshots are including beside the download links (forgot to take them in Bodyshop like a derp), as well as screens of their custom content. Links are provided for some accessory meshes that might not have packaged properly. Alternatively, if you want all of them in your game, there's a bulk download file available which should save some download time overall - the link's at the bottom of the page. ;) Enjoy!

Mae Winters
Mae has that kind of aura, outer glow, charisma that simply draws people to her. With her warm smile and relaxed nature, she's surrounded by a wide circle of friends both close and casual, few of whom have a bad thing to say about her. Her main flaw is that she can be a bit too trusting of people - enough that she is easily taken advantage of. Less worrying (but perhaps more frustrating) is her general disregard for time-keeping. Even after explicitly telling her to arrive at a certain time, expect Mae to show up around an hour late. Her carefree attitude to life can often mean she's a bit out of the loop as regards what's going on at any given moment, but most see this as an endearing trait. However, don't ever rely on her to make decisions or take charge - Mae is the type who likes life to take her for a ride, rather than do the steering herself.

CAS Preview || CC List || Download Mae

[Link to the thread where the necklace she's wearing came from.]


Darren Murphy
Your typical lad's lad, Darren is big into sports, athletics, physical activities - and of course, showcasing his talents in these areas to any ladies that might be  about. He likes girls, though they're not so fond of him; something he's depressed about. He fancies himself as a bit of a chef and without fail commandeers the barbecue during beach parties. He's quite proficient at it too - at least, no one has complained of food poisoning during his watch. His real passion, however, lies in baking and in an ideal life he would open up a patisserie. At the moment though, Darren fears such a move would lose him the respect and admiration of his peers, so he's been keeping this desire quiet. Although he's all bluff and banter, he does take criticism too much to heart and is a lot more sensitive than he'll ever let on to his mates. At times he does wonder if he has a split personality kind of thing going, so different are the public and personal sides of his persona. However Darren himself dismisses thoughts of this variety as 'girly' - a reflection perhaps of his own insecurities - and often seeks to distract himself by kicking some sort of a ball around.

CAS Preview || CC List || Download Darren


Rory Goulding was listening to 'Starry-Eyed' when deciding this guy's name. :D
Rory isn't your average sun-kissed surfer dude. In fact, he's never been called 'dude' in his life... while his surfing career was short-lived, after nearly managing to drown both himself and his unfortunate instructor. Summer just doesn't seem to suit Rory. He is hit with a bout of hay fever every May, without fail, while the sun merely gifts him with more freckles - and more often than not, sunburn to boot. His summer buddies are SPF 50 and antihistamines. Really, he ought just stay inside, as he does during the colder half of the year, blogging to a small but loyal readership and improving his coding skills. However, there is something that draws Rory outdoors when the temperature rises and the sun is out to shine. Summer is his favourite season, despite the adverse effects it holds for him. For this reason, he can be found lounging around the beach come June, chatting to old friends and trying to make new ones - though not everyone is interested in what he has to say about the recent influx of superhero movies, nor his comparisons between them and the original comic books.

CAS Preview || CC List || Download Rory

[This would be the thread on MTS where his glasses came from.]


Devin Meyer
If Mae's sugar, Devin is her spicy counterpart. Blunt, honest and to the point, she doesn't mince words - or use them at all, if she doesn't deem talking necessary. Friends would describe her as intense and ambitious, someone who wants to make a name for herself in life. Often told she's too serious for her good, Devin does find it difficult to unwind and forget about the countless activities and causes she involves herself in. Sitting around and watching time go by is an alien concept to her - a waste of precious minutes, which could be spent doing something constructive. She's all about using her time wisely and plans her day down to the last second. However, with the onset of the summer months, Devin is finding herself more easily swayed by friends who aren't as conscious of non-activity and she's slowly getting over her idleness anxiety. When she feels like she's completed all she can for a day, Devin's guilty pleasures include watching Jersey Shore, as well anything  showing on Channel Four.

CAS Preview || CC List || Download Devin

[Devin has been packaged with physical eyelashes - not just eye liner from the make-up section, but an actual eyelash accessory. You can kind of see them clipping through her hair. I don't mind this, buttttt I'm thinking other people might, so feel free to remove them or whatever when you download her. If you do like the idea of these however, the thread I got them from is here on GOS.]


Download All Four Sims

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