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Return to the forgotten ship (of llamas)

Posted on 2013.02.16 at 17:05
Current Location: Galway, Ireland
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Current Music: Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men
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I'd like to maintain an LJ. Seems like the logical thing to do when you play TS2 and you've outgrown and outlasted the Exchange/WordPress isn't that sim-friendly/Tumblr annoys the living SHIT out of you you want to share your pixel dollies' lives somewhere. I'm pretty awful at staying at touch with the community though. I lurk like an excellent video game boss but actually talking to people? Online? No sirr-ee, I'm far too socially awkward for that. Give me real life humans any day!


Basically, I'd like to keep this wee journal alive but I don't know if I have the time/patience/remembering skiils to do so. I'm only able to post this now because of my computer being better at recalling passwords than I am.

So. What to expect? Maybe legacy updates (though I'll have to retrieve the AL sims from the depths of old back-up hell), pic-spams and the odd pondersome post. Probably more likely is timid comments on other people's legacies and further lurkage.

Have an aul' picture from my new neighbourhood just for colour.

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