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Chapter the one-point-third

Posted on 2012.05.30 at 18:27
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The Lunettes are still living in terrible conditions, still having babies - and are still alive, strangely. Who knows? Maybe there'll be a 2.1 eventually! :) Either, here's chapter 1.3, guest starring a highly dependent nanny, warring witches and heavy amounts of stale cake...

1st Generation: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

Ah, Pandeia. Eldest of the Lunette children and resident goddess of the full moon: how are you feeling?
'Mom's off having a bubble bath and I have no idea where Dad is... so I have to look after the kids. AS USUAL.'

...Not to mention, you have to feed the nanny too, in case she starves and fails to do her job, which is - oh yeah! - feeding the children.

There is so much fail going on here that I am beyond words - if not quite beyond emoticons. (-_-)

The younger Lunette girls (Ersa and the recently aged-up Nemea) meanwhile are off to school... different schools, actually. Looks like I'm going to have to invite over that ghastly headmaster again...

It's nice to have a principal who takes such a 'healthy' interest in his young pupils... incidentally dude, why are you ringing during school hours?  *derp*

With little Endymion - the youngest of the Lunette clan so far, as well as the only boy, who was born with a rather unusual skin affliction - nearing toddlerhood...

...Toby and Selene waste no time getting the Baby #5 show on the road.
'Laura, may this be the last child I bear? I fear I'm no longer a young goddess, and I dread to think what this latest child will do to my fine lines...'
Try nope. =} Take it up with that husband of yours; he's the one who wants to attend six of his kids' weddings. 

The Lunette kids - who are pretty starved of both attention and affection, let's face it - deserved a treat. And as soon as funds allowed, they got one: backyard playground. Can't go too far wrong with that one. :)

Meanwhile Pandeia assumes the role of responsible adult in the house; and Endymion finally gets his diaper changed. Yes (new readers), he's a zombie; not by undeath, but by geneticised rotting skintone. He makes it work.

Awwwwww. ♥
'Were you watching me sleep again?'
   o(^.^)o   Incidentally, you should try sleeping in your own bed. You're too young to understand this, but god knows how many million of your potential brothers and sisters stain those sheets.

Pandeia takes my advice from last chapter and gets a job. Who knows, now you might even get a chance to talk to people who are your own age and not related to you!
'I'd honestly have nothing to talk to them about. My whole life so far has been diapers, puke and baby bottles.'

Sadly Pandy, I don't think that's going to change any time soon.
'Mayhaps Laura, I might be with child once more?'

Gold star for the moon goddess! Good on ya Selene, for finally being able to spot the symptoms of pregnancy. With this being your fifth child, it's good to know you've learned something along the way!

Pandeia? Smiling?
'I brought a... a... a boy home from school. A BOY!.... *shivers*'
'I've never seen one my own age before!... GWAUGHHH!'

She's a lot more stoic about her prowess in the world of employment. Two days in the job, and these were the messages I was seeing at the top of the screen. Looks like you've inherited your mother's stellar work drive!
'Compare me to Selene again and I will reach out through the screen and brain you.'
Fine. I see more of your dad in you anyway...

This man has no place in or bearing on the legacy whatsoever but... marry me? ♥ Maybe then you'd lose that adorable pout.

Randomers I've never seen before, eating the Lunettes' breakfast and drinking their... canned... fruit juice?

It can only be a birthday party. Endymion is up to bat and ready to burst into toddlerhood. Again, I remind myself to replace that stove, before someone gets hurt/badly glitched while standing through it.

Well... the impact is minimal. But bring me a mirror and a pair of scissors - STAT!

Endymion is actually pretty cute, if you can make out his features through all that shedding skin. He probably tends most toward his sister Ersa in looks - but I won't hold that against him. Nemea bears the brunt of my extreme favouritism, but I'll give Endy some squeeage too, I think. :)

Meanwhile, the party ends moderately well and Toby manages to boost relationships with the friends he needed for a promotion.

Cut to the living room, where Selene has managed to find the most awkward corner in the house to give birth in.

Her only support stems from some random teen that is no acquaintance of hers, and from a soon-to-be-traumatised Ersa. Toby (as usual when it comes to Selene's labours) is nowhere to be found.


After teleporting Baby #5 out of her divine uterus, Selene promptly leaves him on the floor while...

...she brings Baby #6 into the world.

Twins. That was unexpected. I'm not entirely displeased about the fact however, as it means Selene's done her job and laid the potential for Toby's LTW to be fulfilled. Similarly, now she can actually go to work and get working on her own lifetime wish. Everyone's a winner!

Except Pandeia, who'll have twin mouths to feed and two sets of nappies to change instead of one.

Except me, with one heir and five spares to play and marry off, once they're all old enough to go their own way.


Anyway, it's not these nooboos' fault. This is... #6, I think? They're near identical. Meet the little girl and youngest Lunette  - maybe - called Eos.


Eos was the 'rosy-fingered' goddess of the dawn, the sister of Selene and daughter of Hyperion and Theia, top-ranking Titan Gods in Greek myth. Eos, Selene and their brother Helios were described as 'the lights of heaven' - given their positions as gods of the dawn, moon and sun respectively. Eos was said to be a beautiful goddess who rose every day from the river Okeanos to banish the mists of the nights. She has been depicted with wings, but also sometimes in a chariot pulled by winged horses. She was said to have a strong lust for young men - so the teenage years are going to be fun with this one  - which may have been the result of a curse placed on her by Aphrodite. She had many lovers, and by them many children - including the four winds (Anemoi) and the five planets (Astra). ...The Greeks were good at astrology, but it would take many more centuries to humans to discover the rest of the planets in our solar system.

Source of Information: Theoi.

Meanwhile, here's her older-by-five-minutes twin brother, predictably named: Helios.

Helios was Selene and Eos's brother, the second-generation Titan god of the sun. He also was the god of sight and the guardian of oaths. He's described as a young, unbearded man who wore purple robes, a crown of the sun's rays and who went around in a golden chariot drawn by 'fire-darting steads'. The guy had a huge family; he got together with a lot of nymphs, female mortals and goddesses to father many more nymphs, goddesses and mortals. A Family Aspiration type for sure. Rather than listing all or even a few of his kids, you can check out a list of Helios's offspring here on Theoi. He was often identified with the other Greek god Apollo; however most would have considered them seperate deities, with Helios being a Titan and Apollo an Olympian.

Sources of information: Theoi, Wikipedia.

Anyway, while everyone is squeeing over the pair of babies, Ersa, this generation's most ignored child, starts to age transition.

'Wow... this is... I think things are going to get a lot better from now on!'
THOSE BUNS. I don't think you can carry them off any more.

'But they could be a symbol of my artistic vision and commitment to-'

The new and improved Ersa - now with a feminine figure, a significant lack of hair buns and full stats! She's indeed ridiculously nice, playful and horrifically shy... and pretty much boring after that. 'Fraid she's heading for sparedom, although I've grown to like her quirky features.

Better not let Selene catch a glimpse of that want panel, Toby... You'll be birthing them yourself, I reckon.
'No baby more? Toby SAD.'
Labour'd make you sad too. ^.~

Still, romance is still running strong with the moon and her mortal caveman consort. Sexual Tension Seth who?

Shitty way to learn about sex, I'll be honest. It's a bit easier when your parents sit you down and talk you through it, rather than offer you a visual display.

'That sight will not be easy to remove from my retinas. Even triple-strength bleach would have trouble burning away that image.'

Potty-training your little brother: a sure-fire way to avoid the realities of your parents' bedroom antics.

Well... if you say so, Ersa.

As if one occasion wasn't enough, Ersa just had to go and invade someone else's privacy.

'Dude! The hell is wrong with you?'
*emotional shell of despair, angst, confusion and serious grossed-out-ness, but showing none of it*

The kitchen finally gets remodelled, and the interior a lick of paint. The elder Lunettes' diet consists of pizza and air.

However, I did blow slightly too many funds on the refurbishments. Nearly as soon as I'd exited Buy Mode, did the maid come along and start claiming her wage. Incidentally, she looks like she might be enjoying that repossession a little too much...
'YEEEEEEEEEESSSSS... oh, god, yes - yes. ...It's been a while since I got any, ok? Don't you judge.'
The event was handy though, because it reminded me that I'd forgotten to recolour one of my OMSPs... just my luck that they don't have any money left to change it.

Now that they existed in the neighbourhood, I decided a trip to one of the new community lots was in order for the older girls. A break away from the kids - and their parents - could only do wonders for Pandeia and Ersa.

This chef is amazing, amazing a chef he is.

Anyway, Pandeia had managed to secure a date - a date! - with a boy (boy!)... but things weren't really going too well. First off, he wore his work uniform out. Secondly, as soon as he and Pandeia were out of the taxi, he decided to get them a meal... which would mean as little interaction as possible between them. Little conversation, not much flirtation and no physical contact.

Meanwhile, third-wheeling to the extreme, Ersa makes herself scarce and appreciates the use of the wondrous things on the lot that she's likely never to ever own for herself.

She's having better luck than Pandeia ironically, when it comes to meeting and greeting the opposite sex... although I'm thinking she might have to wait 'til she's over the age of consent before pursuing any of the guys she met today.

What he said: Can be seen in the picture.
What he meant: Next time, I'm expecting to get to second base. None of this chastity shit, ok? Or you're dropped.

I wouldn't mind, but he enforced the no-touching, no-contact rule himself. (-_-) Anyway, Pandeia isn't too bothered.

'He's... touching... me. A boy. Touching. Me. ...GAAK.'

I don't have the heart to tell her that she won't be dating him again. >=X

'Gentlemen, mentlegen... shall we play?'

I'm thinking I love my randomly generated townies. Can't remember witch-face's name, but she's green... like, leaf-green, not icky EAxis-overlay green. *covets*

It's not that obvious in this picture, but Goody Two-Boots Witch also has cool skin, pink and blue scales.

Anyway, at the point that Pandeia was ditched by her date and all hell broke loose between the witches, Ersa (wisely) decides to phone in a taxi.

Obligatory Nemea picture full of squee and SQUEE.
'You're a creep and a half.'

More birthday cake can only mean less funds in the Lunette family account, and more strain on Ersa/Pandeia to teach toddler skills. Oh, not to mention - age transitioning. Time for Helios/Eos to toddy-plode.

He might actually be cute, but I couldn't tell you with all that confetti and hair getting in the way.

Usually a creature of little expression, but when Ersa does want to pull a face, she pulls it babes. Hair/face clippage anyone? Served with a slice of cake!

Anyway, as in every legacy ever written, once one twin has aged, they're followed by their sibling...

Again - the HAIR. What child goes from bald to Rapunzel in the time it takes to toss them into the air and catch them again? FFS. >:( All the same though...

Meet 'Adorableness' - in the form of Helios and Eos Lunette. She's as cute as a button... and although she's eclipsing him a bit in this picture, so is he. Radiant as the dawning sun, the pair of them... see what I did there? :3

Poor Endymion is shunned in favour of the new arrivals. I mean, here he is, making a great toddler achievement: should be looking all cute and happy and proud (but isn't)...

...These two have just pooped themselves, are completely helpless and can't do anythng for themselves, but... AWWW. ♥ Still so much cuter. The old Laura favouritism has kicked in already, I'm afraid.

I give you Toby, the criminal mastermind.

Toby. In a sentence with the word 'mastermind'.

Toby - the legacy Neanderthal - also one of the most feared men in the world.


Skillage in the Lunette village. Endymion is pretty much sorted in the toddler skill development area, so Pandeia and (surprisingly) Selene move on to training the littler Lunetter.

Well, mostly sorted.
This was taken just before Toby patted him on the head and gave him a treat. True story.

Just as well Endymion got the walking thing down pat, as he aged into childhood not long afterwards. The green pyjamas are an improvement on the pink ones... I think.

He spends the rest of this chapter trying to scoop up any attention left untouched by his siblings, running just ahead of Ersa in terms of Most Ignored Child.

Pandeia meanwhile is getting through high school, working a heavy shift alongside her dickhead date in the local hot dog vendor, all the while doing the bulk of the child-raising/teaching/minding in the Lunette house.
'I hate my life.'

Meanwhile, mother, daughter and fellow deitiesSelene and Nemea do a bit of strenuous reading. Don't suppose you'd think about feeding your squaking son/daughter, instead of leaving it all up to Pandy - eh, Selene?
'Ohhh, I'm afraid I am unable to put down this piece of fine literature, Laura! Odysseus is just after sailing away from the Cyclops's island! "Outis", indeed! What a clever mortal! Perhaps I should have paid him more attention, back in the day.'

Endymion is getting swung around by teenage girls twice his age. The player.

I didn't realise teens could take a swipe at the playground items. I don't begrudge Pandy her fun. Might as well take it, when there's no children to feed/train/clean/put to bed.

I'm not sure why I included this picture in with the rest of the legacy snaps. It has no purpose, or very little comedic/gross-out/interest value. Maybe you can rest assured now, in the knowledge that Nemea and Endymion do attend school?

Birthday! But more importantly - NEMEA! *glomps*

'I don't care what I roll, or even what dopey Maxis clothes you put me in. Just please - don't let my teenage life be as tragic as that of my sisters... I'm supposed to be a nymph for chrissakes, they're meant to have fun!'

I was tempted to leave this chapter here, and reveal her appearance/stats etc. in 1.4... should that ever make it online. But as it is, I decided to make it 95 instead of 83 pictures, and so...

'I'm a Famly/Popularity sim with a sparkling personality and the world's easiest LTW. You are actually destined to love me.'
'It doesn't stop you being a freak though.'

Endymion is shaping up to be the ladykiller his namesake was... although he's killing them with his stench as opposed to his charms. I'm not even going to point out the irony of him being a stinky individual.
'Why won't she hang with me? I'm got sisters, I get girls. Too well. And it can't be my personality, I'm too mild-mannered to offend anyone...''
B.O.utiful innocent bliss. *directs to shower*

*resumes laughter from previous Toby career slide*

What...? o.O


Woman... you've redeemed yourself. I've never seen a nanny autonomously train a child to use a potty!

I'm feeding my carers pancakes more often. ;)


Selene gets in a last bitta training...

...just as well, because her youngest children decide to grow up without warning.
'My youngest are now children, and my eldest's nearing adulthood. There's an ache in my bones and I-'
Can it, Moon-face, I've had just about enough of you this chapter. (-_-)
Oh Helios, not you. ^_^

'Not me?... ...I knew that! I mean - surely - you must have got your wires crossed. I'm the SUN and the whole world revolves around me!... literally.' 
It has to be the dressing gown that's making him so smug. CHANGE CLOTHES NOW.

Turns out, he didn't get a chance to... he and big brother Endymion were suddenly too busy having a fit outside their parent's bedroom door.
'Why can't I- ugh!'
'This is so- seriously!'
What was happening, you may ask...?

'I was blocking the door with MAH CUTENESS! Suck on that, yo.'


...And with that, I end this chapter. It's been swell. Lots of teen angst, lots of irresponsible parenthood, lots of potty-emptying-good-times were had. Next chapter won't be so fun - it's just going to be teen angst x 5. On that note, I bid you addieu!

...What's that? Someone wants to have a final word?

'It's done then.'
'They've grown up. They're kids.'
Helios and Eos? Yes. ^_^
'No more diapers? Bottles?'
I'd be highly concerned if there was.



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sushigal007 at 2012-05-31 08:22 (UTC) (Link)
Ahh, I must have missed a chapter of this, I'll have to run back.
But in the meantime, I dare you to send Toby into space. :)
laulilynn at 2012-06-05 00:40 (UTC) (Link)
Yup, just the one. :) And that I'll think about! He definitely has the get-up to carry off the hanging-in-space thing... though I imagine he'd look class in a spacesuit x]
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